About Us

Sanderson Cycles are designed and developed it the UK. Manufactured to the Highest standards using only top quality materials. Our aim is to offer what we feel is missing in the high end market today, Traditional styled Cro-mo Frames with up to the minute geometry and handling, finished off with some simple yet stylish touches that set Sanderson frames apart from the rest. Like many older riders I started riding Mountain bikes when there was little other choice in frame material other than Cro-mo and for some of us that is where we stayed, for others the constant search for the perfect ride through carbon, aluminum or Titanium frames always seemed to end up in the same place steel. Nothing else seems to have the same balance of comfort and rigidity that a top quality Cro-mo frame can offer, that's why we chose Reynolds 853 tubing for our current flag ship frame the "LIFE"

2017 - looking back

Tick tock, Tick tock... Another year nearly gone and what a year of events 2017 turned out to be!! We'd like to thank everyone who went out of their way to put on such fantastic events throughout the year. We appreciate how hard it is to organise events and the cost, not only financially. We look forward to more of the same in 2018, supporting in whatever way we can. We had the inaugural Steel Is Real demo at FOD organised by Ben Mills and his pals and what a day that was. The Yorkshire True Grit in the North York Moors was a great success hosted by BikeWright and the National XC Championships at Cannock Chase put together by Run & Ride in Hednesford, just to name a few! We will be returning to demo days and race meetings throughout 2018 and have confirmed our place at new and unvisited events across the country.  Looking ahead R&D is ongoing for our next project which we are super excited about, but in an ever changing market we want to make sure that we can produce a frame which will last you a lifetime. We've witnessed the struggles of getting parts for bicycles, struggles which can be easily avoided. Many brands worldwide are deciding that it is time for them to go direct to consumer however, we stand by our values despite this, supporting Independent Bicycle Shops is how we got here and that is where we are going to stay. Going forward into the new year we will continue to distribute Sanderson into UK bicycle shops with our distributor Independent Cycle Distribution.  I hope everyone has had a successful year. Joining us in 2018 on the road will be a 650b Blitz, available to demo wherever we go. See you all on the other side! J.